The moment I step through the door, I feel it.  The tension.  Every spouse, mother, father, daughter and son.  We all know it’s there because we all know that we have no idea what this process is going to look like with the volatile state of the emotional mess that each patient tries to control…… Finally, the doors open.  Here is when it gets real.

– excerpt from Braving the Mental Health Hospital


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Kindle Version of Braving the Mental Health Facility

My head has cleared a little.  And I discover that I am utterly alone.  All my connections to cope…. those friends and family have gone on with normal life.  And I FEEL so alone.  But the truth is, I don’t have to be alone.  I am surrounded by patients who are experiencing some of the same difficulties.  And every one brings a different slant to their story that can enrich my life if I chose to let them in.

 – excerpt from Braving the Mental Health Hospital


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Braving the Mental Health Facility

I published a book about my journey through the mental health facilities.  I want to inspire some hope and bravery into people dealing with mental illness.  My book is called Braving the Mental Health Facility.  Here is an excerpt:

[There] are difficult questions to answer.  And my impulse is to minimize my pain.  But that’s not going to get me better. 

My eyes look down as I feel the darkness inside me.  I have to tell the truth.  Honesty is the only road to recovery here.

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