Walk by Faith

Dear Child of God,

      I don’t want you to make it through even one more day.   Or even one moment.  I want you defeated.  I plan on robbing you of joy so that you will end your life.  But I have to admit, you are stronger than I first thought.  I have whispered lie after lie.  Until you dread life itself.  You hurt so much.  You are empty.  You’ve even given up.  But still, you keep returning to God even though I have convinced you that He is not there.  My bleak darkness engulfs your mind, your heart – and clouds your vision.  You see what’s not there.  And you cannot see the good that God wraps you in.  But deep in your soul, you know.  You know He is there.  Dear Child, God has never left you.  You have to hold onto what you know to be true.   Hold onto God’s goodness, His grace, His love.  Even if I suffocate you, keep walking in faith.  Keep holding onto truth.  Because as long as I can lie to you, and convince you that your faith is obsolete, I will keep attacking you.  I will never leave you alone.  Never.  But what I don’t want to you to see is that God will also never leave you alone.  He will sustain you though.  He will carry you at times.  Just keep walking in faith. 

                                                  Sincerely yours,



For we walk by faith, not by sight   2 Corinthians 5:7