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Dear  Borderline Personality Disorder,

You are always with me.  That loud voice crying for relief.  Crying out for me to cut myself. And, even sometimes, kill myself.  I used to think you’d diminish with time.  That over time, you would quiet.  But the truth is, if I simply let you lie dormant, your voice doesn’t diminish – it gets louder.  And my anxiety soars.   And my depression grows deeper.  And soon an anguish to hurt myself becomes an unquenchable addiction that takes over my whole life.  And so, I’ve discovered, if I want to live, I have to fight for it with all I’ve got.  I have to examine my thoughts and rewrite the truth.  I have to take all my medicine.  I have to journal my days so I can see where I am sabotaging myself.  I have to have accountability.  I have to have encouragement and friendship to spur me on.  I have to actively work my Celebrate Recovery Program.  I have to work my hardest for my counselor.  And pray.   Pray for God’s direction.  His deliverance.


     Child of God

Letters from Depression

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Person Sharpens Another.

Dear Child of God,

You live in a physical body.  And God is not physically tangible.   Yes, there are seasons where you may be lonely but if I can convince you that you need God and ONLY God, you begin to get lost in the physical loneliness.   But God did not create you for isolation.  You, dear child, need hugs and encouragement and accountability.  God did not create you to suffer alone.  No, He created us to need one another.  He created us for victory.